I have the greatest clients.  It is so wonderful to see them shed years of tension and walk with confidence!  Read what they have to say about their success with the Alexander Technique.

I’ll make sure you’re a happy client, too!


“I believe that studying Alexander Technique should be a requirement for the serious actor, and while I have practiced Alexander with a number of teachers over the years, Sharon is hands down the best I’ve ever had. Her ability to convey difficult and abstract ideas and her versatility and talent are exceptional. My understanding, retention, and everyday application of Alexander principles has skyrocketed since meeting with her, and I have noticed enormous improvement in my poise, vocal quality, and movement. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
-David Walton, Actor in Los Angeles

“My name is Sistie Stevens, I am 82 years old and I have had Spasmodic Dysphonia for 14 years. This is a problem where your vocal cords spasm almost constantly and it is extremely hard to talk and have the listener know what you are saying. I have Botox injected into my vocal cords every three months which helps a bit.

My sister, Margaret Gault, introduced me to the Alexander Technique where I learned how to breath properly. Breathing is something everyone takes for granted, but I found that I was not taking in enough fresh air and exhaling the used air. The first step was to keep your shoulders wide which automatically makes you stand more erect and easier to inhale starting at the bottom of your torso and continuing into your head before exhaling. One also learns how to do the ordinary things in life without causing stress to the joints. I found that I carry tension in my neck and shoulders and I was shown how to live with my joints free and loose. There is no way that the Alexander method can cure Dysphonia, but it has made my life easier because I don’t get tense every time my voice cracks and I feel a lot more self confident.”
-Sistie Stevens

“Halfway though my first lesson with Sharon, the shooting pain down my arms that had plagued me for months disappeared! Weeks before, when my chiropractor told me that my pain was ‘postural’, I really panicked. All my life people have told me that my posture was bad, but no matter how hard I tried to ‘stand up straight’ I could never do it for more than a minute. Studying Alexander Technique with Sharon immediately gave me better use of my body and I have enjoyed better posture and many health benefits–including the complete disappearance of my chronic back pain and tension. And, to top it off, lessons with Sharon are supportive, pleasant and relaxing.”
-Carole Real, Writer