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Q: What are the benefits of taking Alexander Technique sessions?

A:  Physically, of course you feel a million times better.
But mentally and emotionally–you’re on a whole new level. You look better. Feel better. Happier. Relaxed. Sexy. Buoyant. Confident. Strong. Light. Joyful. And on and on and on.

More specifically, you’ll be able to:
• Calm the nervous system.

• Relieve muscular tension.

• Project yourself with poise and confidence.

• Improve posture and spinal alignment.

• Relieve and prevent pain.

• Find better ways to manage stress.

• Increase range of motion, breathing capacity, and overall energy.

• Improve balance and coordination.

• Exude a more radiant countenance and projection of voice.

Q: What conditions can Alexander Technique help?

A: The Alexander Technique can provide relief, recuperation, and prevention from a number of other neurological and musculoskeletal ailments including:
• Neck, back, and hip disorders.

• Traumatic and repetitive stress injuries.

• Chronic pain, auto-immune conditions, and arthritis.

• Breathing and coordination disorders.

• Stress disorders and migraines.

• Depression, A.D.D, and anxiety.

Q: Who takes the Alexander Technique?

A: I have taught Alexander Technique sessions to doctors, lawyers, actors, teachers, singers, musicians, business executives, news broadcasters, music producers, TV and film directors, editors, writers and the list goes on.

Additionally, I have worked with people who have:

  • Scoliosis
  • Anxiety
  • Spasmodic Dysphonia
  • Cracking Voice
  • Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety
  • Poor Posture
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Digestive Disorders

Q: In what activities can Alexander Technique help me?

A: You can learn to:

  • Sit at a computer without pain
  • Play a musical instrument without pain
  • Speak in front of an audience without nerves
  • Swing a golf club with power
  • Exercise without hurting yourself
  • Drive without pain & strain
  • Sleep with deep relaxation
  • Have great body language

Q: How long are session?

A: Each session is an hour long including hands-on guidance, calming table work, applications to activities, and homework assignments.

Q: How many sessions should I take?

A: That depends on your personal goals and how dedicated you are to your own well-being.  I recommend that you schedule an introductory session so that you experience the release of tension and lightness in your body.  then, we can discuss how to move forward.

Q: How can I schedule a Introductory session?

A: In order to book a first session, a deposit of half the price of the session is required. Please call (310) 383-1796 to book a first session.

Q:  Do you have any recommendations for other resources?

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