Be Breathed: Embodied, Empowered, & Emboldened A 2 Day Retreat Jan. 25-26

The quickest path to peace and calm in your mind and body is through your Breath

With your busy schedule and stressful lifestyle, your body gets tight, painful, and closed off. Your mind becomes scattered and overwhelmed with worries and anxiety that weighs you down. You’re so tense that even breathing is difficult.

It’s way too easy to ignore what your body needs. Self care becomes a distant fantasy. You want to have healthy posture, free breathing, and relaxed body language. You try very hard but you feel shut down in your own skin.

You can be calm

You can feel amazing

You can be light, loose, and fluid in your own body

You can be open and confident

You can be PAIN FREE


Be Breathed: Embodied, Empowered, & Emboldened

Be Breathed is a two day retreat that allows you to go deep into your own body, into your own truth, and into the profound wisdom of your own breath that soothes, calms, and liberates you from anxiety, pain, blocks, shame, and negative self image.

During Be Breathed, you will gain insight into your unconscious habits to tighten, squash, and squeeze yourself into smallness. You will experience the benefits of softening the body, loving the body, and treating the body to it’s natural, abundant, and spacious breath.

  • You will discover how to:
  • Allow the body to naturally breathe for you
  • Deeply soothe & calm anxiety and stress
  • Take up space in the world
  • Release fear in the body & take on challenges
  • Speak your truth with confidence
  • Ground yourself
  • Listen to your body in order to love it

Sharon Jakubecy Klehm, certified Alexander Technique, Art of Breathing, and Mindfresh Mindfulness teacher, will guide you through meditations, movement practices, breath awareness, journaling, and mindfulness exercises while also offering healing hands-on guidance so that you leave feeling Embodied, Empowered, & Emboldened!

Be Breathed: Embodied, Empowered, & Emboldened January 25 – 26, 11am – 5pm in beautiful Laguna Canyon

Registration ends January 18, 2019

LUNCHES ARE INCLUDED Limited to 15 participants

EARLY BIRD Fee $299 $249 PLUS You also have the option to sign up for private sessions with Sharon Jakubecy Klehm and receive the retreat at no cost to you!

EARLY BIRD Be Breathed Retreat

NOTE: Address will be sent to you after you are registered

Breathing does not have have to difficult. Learn to allow your breath to be free & easy.